How do I top an introduction post greater than that of Mr. Wright? It’s simple – I can’t, so I guess I won’t. Here goes MY first post. My husband – ceases to amaze me with his love and support. This space was his beautiful and thoughtful wedding gift to me, an extension of his even more thoughtful vows, and the integrity he brings to our relationship every day. But you didn’t stop by to roll your eyes at my epic love story, so I’ll keep it short and sweet.

In January 2018 I had finished my fourth Whole30 program, and jotted down my reflections and learnings. I wrote sloppily in bed one night, with the intent of tucking my notebook away and recycling it at the next spring-cleaning like I had always done. The reflection was cathartic, but it’s likely I hadn’t composed something that wasn’t already common knowledge. It wasn’t until I (reluctantly) shared my evenings work with Mike, that his interest manifested into encouragement that perhaps someone else would like to read my version of this “common knowledge”. But as a wise mentor and friend infamously nags, “Someday is a code word for never” and while I entertained the idea of starting a blog, my perfectionism and insecurities got the better of me and I convinced myself that someday someone might be interested in my contributions, but for now no one would spend their cup of coffee reading about my take on a healthy recipe, my latest fitness interest, or ‘witty observation’ as Mike generously puts it.

Thanks to an epic nudge, a small domain fee, and a few much anticipated tech lessons, my husband has ensured that never is not an option for me, given me one of the greatest gifts of all – the confidence and platform to formally share what I love and what I know.

I look forward to sharing the bits of my creative energy and corners of my interests that peek out of my standard 9-5 corporate, suburban-dwelling, simple life. So whether there are none, one or a handful of you – welcome, and if you have any tips to share about blogging along the way, please reach out!



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